Our company

Started in October 2000, Abigail's British Food ApS does exactly what the name implies........importing British groceries to Denmark. We sell online, directly to the customer, with a "to the door" delivery service covering the whole of Denmark (except to unconnected islands). Our customer base is mainly private people, though we do cater for some business interests as well.



There has been much discussion since Brexit about extra import duties, extra vat, and extra charges for postal import delivery.  All these points and hindrances are irrelevant when you order through Abigail's.  The prices you see quoted on our website are the total price you will pay. No extra charges on any item.



We believe in, which today would probably be classed as, old fashioned concepts. We prefer to deliver orders ourselves, with our own van, and as such we are able to cater for the special needs of our customers. With a freezer unit installed in the van, we are able to deliver both ambient and frozen orders at the same time. In 99% of cases it will be the same driver arriving with your order.  To meet these criteria, we have divided Denmark up into areas so deliveries are planned for fixed times of the month in each area. Crabbies Green Ginger Wine used a phrase that perfectly describes our system "measured by the calendar and not by a stopwatch"



Once again, it might be old fashioned, but we don't believe in advance payment as an option. You won't find a payment module on our website. Simply stated, you pay for what you get, when you get it.  No risk of paying for items (or orders) you don't receive, and no risk of your bank payment details floating about on outside servers.  On receiving your order, payment can be by Dankort, Visa, Mastercard, MobilePay or cash.  One exception to the "no advance payment" system is if you request Postal delivery of your order. In these cases we will send you an updated invoice (including postal charges) and you can then pay by MobilePay or Bank Transfer. Both these payment methods are independant from our website.